A Few Words from Woolwich

You'd be forgiven for thinking I'd disappeared off the face of the planet these last few weeks. My posts have been getting further and further apart, until they stopped altogether.

Orchids on the window sill. I'm not much of a gardener, but I seem to do just fine with pot plants. This plant has produced six blooms since I've been here.

What went wrong?

I knew, from the state of the coffers, that when I got back to England I'd have to find work. The bulk of my energy over the last six weeks has gone into applying for jobs. I estimate I've applied for over 100 positions. I've had some interviews, and was even offered a job on the other side of London, which proved to be too difficult to get to as I don't have a car.

I was, I confess, worried, and worry is not conducive to the creative vibe in my Universe. When I'm worried I tend to cut myself off - often a counter-productive trait, as I'm indiscriminate about what and who I cut myself off from. However, thanks largely to that benign aspect of the Universe which always seems to look after me when things go pear shaped, I have found a small but semi- regular means of earning an income.

The gazebo
The gazebo at the end of the garden. The sprinklers come on at a set time every morning. I managed to catch the sun shining through the drops of water.

I've become a professional, on line, Tarot card reader on this site. I've been reading Tarot for many years, and have had excellent feedback before now, but I'd never really done anything organised about earning an income from it. Now, thanks to this excellent site, I can. No idea why or how it should work when the entire process is electronic, but it seems to. Perhaps it's because it's electronic that it does work so well! An interesting thought.

Woolwich rooftops
I took this early one morning, as the sun touched the old bricks.

The Universe sends us messages all the time, if we're prepared to listen. Perhaps the fact that a "normal" job failed to materialise is another part of this process. How long would I have enjoyed a new job, before going to the same place every day, and sitting at the same desk, doing the same sort of work would start to pall?

Over the weekend I turned off all the job alerts, and felt a huge sense of relief doing so.

Fuchsias always seem to look cheerful, and grow well here. A couple of doors away there's a huge gum tree in a back garden. It's taller than the houses, and must be quite old.

The other day I wrote a short story that had been at the back of my mind for months. This morning I sent it off to a publisher.

On Sunday I joined a group of people going for a walk around some of the sights of London, and had a wonderful afternoon out on a beautiful day.

And I've had the camera out again!

Living in London is a bit like being in a real, live Monopoly game: Liverpool St Station, Mayfair, Fleet Street are actually real places here. Someone just handed me the Get Out Of Jail Free card.

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