Me So Far

Born in the paper milling town of Burnie on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Grew up in Hobart, near the shores of the Derwent River. The best bits of my childhood were running wild with lots of Medlocks and Clinches on the Queen's Domain, around the borders of the cemetery, and at Cornelian Bay. My parents had a place at Adventure Bay on Bruny Island, so some weekends and most school holidays were spent exploring the countryside with Russells and Stocks. (I feel so sorry for today's children.) This childhood was fertile ground for an over-active imagination. We navigated dark continents, killed off entire indigenous populations (or they killed us), won major world wars, built and lost whole empires.

At school I was too often off with the fairies in my head to do really well. English was a painful chore, hemmed in by teachers' expectations of "compositions". The only subject I managed to excel in was Maths, because I liked the patterns the numbers made.

A mistake, that was, because it led the Powers That Be to believe that I must be Analytical and Organised. (I am, to be honest.) And so somehow, I'm still now sure how it really happened, I enrolled in UTas to do an Economics degree, majoring in Accounting. I got drunk (quite often) with the Arts students, lapped up their conversations about Psychology and Ancient Civs., but somehow never caught on to the fact that I might have been in the wrong faculty.


To be continued...



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