How do our brains work?

Why do our minds work the way they do?

Earlier this week I saw Luc Besson's new film, Lucy. M. Besson has long been one of my favorite directors. I still watch The Fifth Element and all the Transporter movies a few times a year. He has a very European way of putting a story together, a knack Hollywood would never quite understand, and Lucy is destined to maintain his reputation. The last time I came out of a cinema unable to speak was 1990 after I'd seen La Femme Nikita, another one of M. Busson's excellent creations.

"Lucy" will also reignite the debate about how much of the human brain is actually used. M. Besson has already gone on record saying he knows we use far more than the 10% mentioned in the film, but that it was an excellent premise for a movie. I agree with him completely. Much research has gone into proving how much, where and how we use our brains, and general consensus seems to be that we use quite a lot, although we don't always know what for or why. ...continue reading "Lucy & Alarm Clocks"