Waterlow Park on a Sunday afternoon in autumn.

As I write this my two latest charges lie on the carpeted floor next to me. Maddie and Gracie are bearded collies, and I'll be taking care of them while their owner is away for a while. Their home is a gated estate a few miles out of Reno, Nevada, USA.

A church in Highgate. Note the red door.

Sometimes I stop and wonder how my life got this crazy. I'm currently living in a delightful four bedroom, three bathroom home filled with antiques. Last week I was in London, sleeping on the lounge room floor of a one bedroom flat in Islington, an inner suburb of London.

All part of my philosophy of going wherever the road leads me. I'm not sure what the future holds at the end of this house sit, I'll see what lands in my world.

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I'm leaving London tomorrow. My stay here has been interesting, not so much for the tourist attractions I've visited (very few), but for the milestones I've achieved on a personal level (many).

Flying into KL
Flying into KL in the late afternoon.

As I wrote last week, I've recently sold a short story to an American publisher. I've since read that this publisher accepts maybe 5% of manuscripts submitted. When I ran my magazine, Reid's Magazine, many years ago, my acceptance rate was similar. It's rather gratifying to know that I'm at last, after so many years of trying, in that small percentage. ...continue reading "The Meaning of Home"