Roast Lamb & Vegies

My kids and friends always seem to enjoy this. Anyway, I keep on cooking it.


Ask the butcher for a leg of lamb suitable for however many people you are feeding. He will weigh it. Allow 1 hour per 1 kg cooking time at 180C. (Or 1/2 hour per pound at 360F.)

Put a bit of olive oil in the pan so the roast doesn't stick. Stab the roast in several places and insert slivers of fresh garlic and small twigs of fresh rosemary.

Add 1/2 hour at the end of the cooking time for making gravy and generally farting around. During this time the roast will sit, covered by (a) aluminium foil and (b) several tea towels. This allows all the juices to do their thing and can make even a supermarket roast tender.


Everyone loves vegies cooked in the oven, so allow PLENTY, about twice as much as you think would be enough. Cold ones are yum anyway, if there are any left over. Peel potatoes, parsnips, sweet potato and carrot, leave the skin on pumpkin so it doesn't fall apart. Chop into more or less equal sizes.

In a large saucepan, boil potatoes and carrots until JUST tender. Can add sweet potato and pumpkin to steam a little if you like. Drain. Put back on the hot plate for a few minutes so all the water evaporates, but not long enough so they burn. Put in a cooking tray or around the roast, and dribble a little olive oil over. Turn a few times during cooking. Should take about an hour in the oven.

Once the roast has been removed for sitting (see above) you can turn the oven up to 220C to crisp the edges of the vegies.


To make gravy, pour off most of the fat from the pan the roast was cooked in. Put the pan on a hot plate, add a couple of tablespoons of plain flour. Cook until grainy. There should NOT be excess fat left over. If there is, add more flour. When the flour is cooked, slowly add water. At first it will go all lumpy and thick - just add more water. Lumpy bits of meat, rosemary and garlic are fine. The gravy must boil. Simmer for a while to thicken.


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