Do you remember me Jennie? The property manager …

Comment on London from a Reno Point of View (Part 2) by Anne Tyler.

Do you remember me Jennie? The property manager at McMaster St. Vic Park . I look forward to your blogs as you call them, I find them so interesting. I was born and brought up in England so love hearing about you travels. I came, with my family, to Austalia when I was a teenager. When I got married at just 20yo we went to live in the Far East, on and off for 9 yrs and travelled around Asia a lot. You make all the countries sound so interesting, I guess that's why or how, you are a writer. Can't wait for the next episode so keep them coming! And Thank you for including me. I wish I had got to know you better when you lived here but I was always busy. Regards. Anne Tyler

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The Traveller’s Dilemma
Lovely to hear from you again Jennie, wondered what and where you were up to. We used to travel like you whenever we went to other countries and I agree, you see and meet so much more doing it on public transport. We lived in Hongkong and always went away to other Asian countries when holidays were due. We travelled on our own thru Japan, Korea (South), Taiwan, Okinawa and the Philipines (couldn't go to China in those days (bamboo curtain)
and I have so many memories of the people we met and the funny things (and awful things) that happened. Enjoy your days......... Can't wait for the next episode !

It’s the night before Christmas…
Hi Jennie, I so love your "travelers tales" you are such a writer, you make every place you go seem so interesting. Please keep your adventures coming I haven't been to a lot of the places you visit so I find your descriptions very inviting. Hope you have a enjoyable Christmas holiday time with family and friends, and then embark on your new life in Vietnam. I can't wait to hear all about Vietnam - it will be a culture shock I know but you will handle it well I'm sure. Merry Christmas. Regards.......Anne (Tyler)