We visited Highgate Cemetery when we staying in Hampstead in …

Comment on London from a Reno Point of View by John.

We visited Highgate Cemetery when we staying in Hampstead in 2003. A lot of it was "going back to bush".

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The Meaning of Home
I know it is commonplace these days, but isn't an advertisement for a course on "How to write a best-seller" just plain fraud! The people presenting these courses know darn well that no best-sellers are even likely to come out of their course. It is like advertising "How to win the lottery" and providing a list of random numbers.

Grieving for the “Good Old Days”
I particularly liked "The Pickles" episode which went:
"Where you alive in the Good Old Days, Granddad?"
"Yes, but back then we called them These Difficult Times."

Last Week in Ireland…
Regarding the beauty of the Irish landscape: with roughly the same land area, similar topography and one ninth the population, Tasmania could like like this. They just need to put in more roads and cut down all those bloody trees.

Last Week in Ireland…
Your comments on tradies and the similarities of Irish and Oz humour reminded me of the "dictionary" of Australian words and phrases which came out in the 1970s (60s?), "Let's talk Strine" by Afferbeck Lauder. Typical entries included:
Dingo: (i) see Jagoda (ii) a term of mild parliamentary abuse.
Jagoda: as in "Jagoda the tennis? No, dingo."
I particularly liked:
Cupladaze: Builder's term meaning "In about six weeks time".

The Accidental Diet
The best and most believable advice on diet I know is the FAQ list on the Unversity of Sydney's GI pages: http://www.glycemicindex.com/faqsList.php
It is worth checking it out and using their database search engine to check the GI of various foods for yourself - looks like conventional oats (GI = 55 to 60) are slightly better than one minute oats (GI = 66). Note that grog is so low that it is irrelevant except for beer and this is still quite low. Personally I think soft drinks, sugar and lollies are the worst thing especially for kids. I suspect there are some kids who never drink water. Personally I am trying to kick the sugar habit particularly in tea and coffee. Getting there. I notice I have started eating more fruit and that I enjoy fruit more.
I got onto this because of a single statement by Gary Taubes: "Weight gain and loss isn't about calories, it's about hormones". He means metabolic hormones like insulin.