I agree I didn’t see the rougher areas, but I …

Comment on London from a Reno Point of View by Jennie Reid.

I agree I didn't see the rougher areas, but I found English children overall to be much quieter than Australian kids. I suspect spending more time indoors is a contributing factor as well.

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London from a Reno Point of View (Part 2)
Of course I remember you Anne! So glad you're enjoying the blog, I plan to keep on writing it for a while yet.

Travelling Cheaply
I've only travelled with kids within Australia unfortunately. The only thing I can say is to take lots of your own food, and shop at supermarkets for snacks, not cafes. And kids seem to enjoy camping!

The Good News & the Very Good News
I doubt if I will teach either, but CELTA left me with a deep understanding of the English language, and had a huge effect on my writing. J K Rowling taught ESL! And of course, CELTA left me with some wonderful friends too.

Last Week in Ireland…
If you can get YouTube, find Every Irish Wedding Ever. It's like Dimboola, with Irish accents. I had tears rolling down my face, I was laughing so hard I thought I would choke.

Last Week in Ireland…
I read that at one stage Ireland's forests were reduced to 1% of the land area. It's now a lot higher, and increases every year, as people are paid to plant trees.