I've long believed in the words of The Desiderata:

...whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

St Paul's
The dome of St Paul's from the courtyard where we met. Tony and I co-ordinated via mobile phone. We'd started out at diametrically opposite corners of St Paul's. What would we have done without modern technology?

It's my birthday next week, and often around this time of the year I have a period of introspection and review. Have I achieved anything? Is my life progressing in the way I want it too?

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year I was living in Perth, Western Australia. Diseased thyroid glands were making eating and sleeping difficult. Surgery at the end of July corrected the problem permanently - a problem I'd had for at least twenty years, if not a lot longer. ...continue reading "Free Hugs & New Friends"

I was in Borris yesterday, buying a few essentials. I have job interviews next week, and I've been backpacking for almost six months. No makeup, very little jewellery, and my watch had stopped.

Borris on a busy Friday afternoon in summer.
Borris on a busy Friday afternoon in summer. It was a beautiful day, I didn't need my cardigan!

And I'm going to have to get used to wearing tights again, which will be a bit of a shock to the system, but can't be helped. A sacrifice one has to make to earn a living again.

The total came to 28.49 euros.

"Do you take credit card?" I asked. ...continue reading "Doing Business in Borris"


Since last I wrote I've been scouring the internet for work and house sits in London. I plan to settle there for a while - six months or longer - and thoroughly explore one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world. Stay tuned!

A Georgian terrace in Cork
A Georgian terrace in Cork

(If you know of either a house sit or a job in London, feel free to contact me on jennie@jenniereid.com.au.)

My time in Ireland has been fascinating. I've explored much of the south eastern corner of the country and seen some of the rest of it. I've also spent a great deal of time in contemplation. In many ways, these ten weeks have been my equivalent of a retreat. Although I would not describe myself as a conventionally religious person, I feel closer to the spiritual aspects of the universe than I did when I arrived in April, exhausted and emotional after the combined effects of the Dorset Disaster and missing my plane. I'm stronger now, and excited about the adventures that lie ahead. ...continue reading "Last Week in Ireland…"


I'm coming to the end of my stay in Ireland, and also to the end of this cycle in my life.  Almost a year ago I had a reasonably serious health scare. Everything is fixed now, but at the time it brought home to me how tenuous life is, and how big a world exists beyond the borders of our daily routines. So I cashed in some investments and headed out into the world with no definite plans or aims or goals except to see as much of the world as I could, while I could.

Ivy-covered barnThe last six months fall into two distinct stages. The first stage, from January to March, was spent in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. I'd never experienced anything remotely like the Malay culture and climate before. Although the climate was hot, it's very different to the hot, dry summers of Perth, Western Australia. Spending time in a place where I was regularly the tallest, the fairest skinned and often the oldest person was enlightening, to say the least. I made lifelong friends, and came to terms with different cultures and religions. ...continue reading "Thoughts & Feelings"

I'm trying out a different look for the blog. Hopefully it is cleaner, more modern looking, and easier to read.

Poppies at Clasheen
Poppies at Clasheen

A couple of days ago I took this photo in the field next to Clasheen, the house I'm taking care of at the moment. I looked out of the bathroom window, these poppies had bloomed over night and just begged to be photographed.

Just over two weeks left in Ireland! I'm planning a couple more trips before I leave, so watch this space.