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All content on the blog is created by me, Jennie Reid, with the exception of guest posts and some photos which are marked as such. Content may be used on the condition that I or my contributors are acknowledged and the website is named. If you have any queries I can be contacted on jennie@jenniereid.com.au

If you're enjoying the blog, there are several ways you can assist.

The first is sponsorship.

This blog has a consistently expanding, international readership. Statistics are available if required.

I accept limited sponsorship from businesses. Discreet advertisements appear below and in emails I regularly send out to readers. More information and (very reasonable) rates are available by emailing me at jennie@jenniereid.com.au.

The second is buy my novel.

Buy my novel "Hot Summer's Knight" from Amazon now!

"Hot Summer's Knight" is a romantic thriller set in France in the middle ages. Not your standard romance, it has many plot twists and turns, a hunky hero and delightful heroine. I've had lots of positive feedback about it. One reader described it as "un-put-down-able"!

If you are in Australia, buy it here.

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The third is by employing me on a contract basis for your next writing job.

I do all sorts of writing and writing-related jobs - this blog is just the fun stuff. My rates are reasonable. Thanks to the internet, I can complete your task anywhere in the world.

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The fourth is donation.

Buy the blogger a beer! Or a cup of coffee, if you don't believe in encouraging me to drink alcohol. Or if you're feeling really generous, contribute towards my rent. That way I can continue to bring you exciting stories about faraway places.

The PayPal button is set to $A5. A PayPal account isn't necessary, they accept major credit cards as well.

To send an amount other than $A5 (thank you!) contact me using the box below, or at jennie@jenniereid.com.au and I will send you the details of my PayPal account.

Many, many thanks in advance!

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