Last week I wrote about getting bogged down in the job hunting process, and how destructive and demoralising it has been on a personal level.

Flower Garden
The Flower Garden, Greenwich. It was a dull day, but the flowers made up for it.

The good news is that I've found paid employment which starts on Monday, 7th September in Bournemouth. More on that later, once I get used to being gainfully employed again. For now though, I can tell you that it's not accounting or in any way related to it. Of course, after turning off all the job alerts I've been contacted five times in three days by agencies wanting to put me forward for quite lucrative positions, all of which I've had the great joy of declining. ...continue reading "The Good News & the Very Good News"


Since last I wrote I've been scouring the internet for work and house sits in London. I plan to settle there for a while - six months or longer - and thoroughly explore one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world. Stay tuned!

A Georgian terrace in Cork
A Georgian terrace in Cork

(If you know of either a house sit or a job in London, feel free to contact me on jennie@jenniereid.com.au.)

My time in Ireland has been fascinating. I've explored much of the south eastern corner of the country and seen some of the rest of it. I've also spent a great deal of time in contemplation. In many ways, these ten weeks have been my equivalent of a retreat. Although I would not describe myself as a conventionally religious person, I feel closer to the spiritual aspects of the universe than I did when I arrived in April, exhausted and emotional after the combined effects of the Dorset Disaster and missing my plane. I'm stronger now, and excited about the adventures that lie ahead. ...continue reading "Last Week in Ireland…"