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Buy my novel "Hot Summer's Knight" from Amazon now!
Buy my novel "Hot Summer's Knight" from Amazon now!

It's a thriller and a romance set in medieval France, a great read for a rainy Sunday or a quiet night in. (Guys, don't let the word"romance" put you off, there's plenty in there for you too.)

It doesn't pretend to be Literature, it's got less bondage than "Fifty Shades", the body count is low, and there aren't any car chases at all. Despite this I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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Buy my novel "Hot Summer's Knight" from Amazon now!Romance, action and adventure set in Medieval France. Guys, don't let the word "romance" put you off - there's plenty to entertain you too.

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I've no idea where I'll be next Wednesday, 10th December 2014. Probably somewhere in the south western corner of Western Australia, but I can't be more precise than that. A traveler I knew once told me that when he gets close to leaving a place, he leaves emotionally long before he walks out the door. I'm feeling that now, as though I've sent a part of me on ahead to be a forward scout. It hasn't reported back yet though, so I still have little idea what to expect.

However, there are some goodbyes still to be said.

When I first arrived in Perth just over a year ago I knew no-one, so I joined Meetup and enrolled in various groups - movies, eating out, live music and, of course, writing. To my everlasting delight I discovered The Victoria Park Writers' Group. (In my innocence I thought that, being a big city, every suburb had its writers' group! No, I just happened to live in the right suburb.)

My first meetings were held in the local Arts Centre, in a back room which also hosted the coffee machine. We had a (very noisy) acting group on one side, and a sculpting class on the other. As the actors' demands on the coffee machine increased, we moved out to a veranda connecting two buildings, and offended the sculpting teacher highly one evening when we accidentally turned off all the lights in her classroom.  ...continue reading "The Last Post – from Perth, that is!"