This week's post was going to be about a marvellous Buddhist temple I visited on Sunday morning. It's an an unassuming timber building in a suburb of Kuching and unlike many of the temples I've seen on this trip, extremely simple - a timber building, with a timber deck at the front of it. I've managed to lose all the photos I took of this magical place, but for some idea of how the temple looks, go to their blogspot. It's 168 years old. Peace has permeated every beam and board, and I found myself not wanting to leave.

Fishing Boats & Flags
Trawlers moored at the edge of the river, the flags of Malaysia and Sarawak flying.

Like everywhere here, the people there were almost aggressively friendly. As I ate the vegetarian lunch they insisted I have I chatted to some of the members, three elderly gentlemen in their seventies and eighties. I also met the Master of the Temple, a wonderful Taiwanese woman. ...continue reading "The Lost Photos of Borneo"