Cafe in Poole
This cafe in Poole was a lovely shade of pink, with matching umbrellas.
Poole shop.
A cute shop in Poole.

If you want to stay somewhere and not pay anything at all for accommodation, try couch surfing. There are various sites on the web, mostly, but not exclusively, aimed at the younger end of the market. Usually you're required to contribute in some way - sing and play an instrument, cook, garden - but by definition it doesn't involve money. I was a couch surfing host when I lived in Hobart, Tasmania when my son was young, and we had many delightful guests.
Hearing people's stories was a way of travelling without travelling.

If you're happy to do some work in exchange for food and a roof over your head, try WOOFing or conservation volunteering. Again, there are many sites to choose from. Usually a set number of hours' work is required, then the rest of the day is yours.  The positions are often in rural places you may not otherwise see. Be careful though of people who treat WOOFers and backpackers as a source of unpaid labour and give little in return. This is not a labour contract in any country, and you are not required to stay if conditions are inadequate. Friends have told me about being poorly fed and housed, right through to the other extreme of being treated as part of the host family. ...continue reading "Travelling Cheaply РPart 2"